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Need a Home Security Alarm System?

The security of your loved ones is of paramount importance.

Business Security Services in Alberta

These days, with the increasing sophistication of criminals, protecting your business premises has never been more challenging.

You can’t undo the crime. It is costly and sometimes catastrophic.

You can work a lifetime building your business. Make sure you spend enough time choosing the right security system to watch over it. When it comes to protecting what you value most — the safety of your business and the people who depend on you — look to a security system from Honeywell for peace of mind. We know your facility is unique and so are your security concerns. Stampede Security Inc will work with you to tailor a system so flexible that it can meet your needs precisely, whether you’re a small retail store or a large facility. There is no need to install different systems for different applications. You can have intrusion, fire, access control, and video surveillance in one flexible, upgradeable system.


VISTA-128BPT Turbo Series Partitioned light Commercial Burglary Alarm Control Panel

Partitioned light commercial burglary alarm control panels

The VISTA-128BPT is a powerful member of the Honeywell Home family of light commercial alarm panels, integrating burglary, CCTV, and access control functions.

A proven, highly reliable solution, the VISTA-128BPT light commercial alarm panel supports burglary applications and a vast number of hardwire, V-Plex®, and wireless options and features that maximize installation flexibility and simplify end-user operation. It is compatible with a wide range of AlarmNet® communications products for alarm reporting, uploading/downloading, and remote services.

Maximum zone capacity -128​

Maximum standard hardwire zones - 9

Maximum wireless expansion zones 127

Supports 119 additional V-Plex expansion zones

Accommodates 150 user codes with 7 authority levels

Accommodates 32 Keypad macro commands per system

Keeps log of up to 512 events

Provides the ability to control 8 separate partitions independently

Programmable to meet SIA false alarm prevention specifications

Basic and Voice Keypads

Easy to use and easy to read, our basic wall-mounted keypads make security system operations simple. Large, bright displays spell out system status in plain English without any codes to remember. Keys are soft to touch, labelled with simple commands, and illuminated for easy nighttime visibility. Our talking keypads announce the type of alarm and location in an emergency–giving you time to act quickly. These are only a few! We have over 20 different types and styles available, but below are a few of more popular ones.

Voice keypad

Premium Alpha Keypads

Vibrant, negative etched keys, and vivid negative mode displays provide greater contrast–making the keypads easier to read and operate. These keypads are available in silver/black and white to match traditional and modern interiors.

6280 touch center

The 6280 Touchcenter

Brilliant, 7" graphic touchscreen display and digital picture frame in one
State-of-the-art security system controller with graphic icons that intuitively guide end-users through the operation
Homeowners can display family photos and create slideshows
Homeowners can play personal videos from an SD card right at the touchscreen
Available in white and silver/black to match any décor
Voice annunciation of type and location of alarm (English language only)
Tuxedo touch keypad

Tuxedo Touch Keypad

State-of-the-art home and building controller, video viewer, digital picture frame, and integrated security in one easy-to-use interface
Icons and menu-driven prompts that make operation simple and intuitive
Control system actions with convenient voice control-“Hello Tuxedo”
Built-in web server that lets you control Tuxedo Touch anywhere in your home or facility on an iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, BlackBerry®
Automation and control of Z-Wave enabled lights and thermostats
The option to view live video of up to four cameras around the premises on the touchscreen, smartphones, tablets, or televisions
Systems that can be installed in any new or existing home at any time–without any hassle
Digital picture frame feature that lets homeowners display family photos and create slideshows
Systems from that let homeowners play personal videos from an SD card right on the touchscreen
Voice annunciation of type and location of the alarm

6290 Touchscreen

We also provide high-resolution touchscreens with the following features:


6290 touch screen tablet
Clean touchscreen display with easily identifiable icons and prompts
Critical software updates via push from Resideo or local onsite updates via the 6290W 6290WC SD card slot
Authorized users can simply add and delete user codes
Backplate designed to easily update or retrofit current 6160 and 6280W installs
High resolution 7" WSVGA with a resolution of 1024 x 600
Stylish, tablet-like design only 1" off the wall
Clear voice annunciation of system status, type of alarm and affected zone
Event log tracks when system is disarmed by employees, temporary guests or family members
Streamlined arming/disarming and zone-bypassing

What are some of the common components in a commercial intrusion system?

Motion sensors

Glass break sensors

Shock and pressure sensors

Temperature sensors

Photoelectric beams

Panic alarms

Smoke and fire sensors

Professional monitoring


Secure, Versatile Monitoring Honeywell knows it’s critical that your alarm signals get through to the monitoring station, whether you use a regular landline, cellular communicator or VoIP. Our versatile solutions also help eliminate worries about failures caused by floods, storms, vandalism, accidents, maintenance problems, or telephone lines being cut by criminals. GSM cellular solutions provide the same monitoring features as standard phone lines or a network connection, such as remote programming over Honeywell’s AlarmNet®radios. Both cellular and network solutions are encrypted to government standards and products are available with UL and ULC listings for high-security monitoring.


Out of the office can take you out of the loop, unaware of critical information. But not with Total Connect. It helps you stay connected and in the know of everything related to the day-to-day operations of your business. With critical information at hand, you can remotely do everything, from managing your business and employees to even attending to the unexpected. 

Perform a Multitude of Functions on the Go

Control your security system and stay informed via email alerts and event-driven video notifications.

Continue to monitor and track employee behaviour, productivity, and overall performance.

Know exactly when your business clocks in and clocks out.

Monitor your valuable resources and cash registers with live video or access recorded snapshots at any time. The way you can efficiently supervise resales, returns, and voids.

Create a safer work environment, protect inventory, and avoid disruption of business by staying alert on floods or leaks.

Avoid food spoilage, damage, and ensure the safety of your inventory by quickly responding to situations when your system detects extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Observe and analyze your consumers’ shopping habits and activities and leverage this information to tweak business strategies.

Protect your resources, such as office equipment, electronics, expensive merchandise, and indoor valuables by staying alert via emails or video clips that are triggered when they are moved or disturbed.

Find out what hours, days, or months your business gets most visitors or customers by tracking the entry and exit points of your establishments.

Assign and cancel access codes of employees or visitors in an instant and manage high employee turnover.

24 Hours Monitoring

When it comes to security, you need a system that never lets its guard down. With Total Connect Remote Services, you will have a team of reliable personnel monitoring your system 24 hours, seven days a week from a central station. In case a burglary, flooding, fire, or other emergency arises, you will be contacted immediately to verify alarms, and help to the premises will be sent as required. 

Commitment to Quality 


Our high-quality video surveillance products, which give you the ability to view and record events in multiple areas of your facility, are an ideal way to monitor employee work habits, provide security and view the proper placement of product displays. Video surveillance can protect your employees and assets, control shrinkage, lower your liability and insurance payments and help you make informed security and business management decisions.

Research shows that CCTV in and around the premises does reduce the chance of a crime taking place. CCTV is shown to displace crime. In other words, the potential intruder or shoplifter will move on to other premises that do not have CCTV.

Whether you want to monitor your premises grounds, street traffic, or internal views, our modern CCTV systems are effective and affordable for all businesses. Each CCTV system Stampede Security Inc designs is specific to our customer’s particular requirements.


A typical CCTV system could include a combination of the following:

Full HD 1080P Cameras for evidential quality images

IR Night Vision Cameras

Dome Cameras

Tilt, pan and zoom cameras for remote operation

Full HD 1080P DVR HDD Recording

Remote access from your smartphone, tablet and PC

Multi-function IP communication with our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre

Up to 8 Mega Pixel High Resolution Cameras

Full Motion Recording 24/7

Included in every Stampede Security Inc. CCTV System is:

Installation by our own expert in-house teams

Comprehensive warranty and Stampede Security Inc., service support

Ask us about CCTV system features which can include:

Varifocal lens

Multiple streaming

Motion detection


Day and night view

Intelligent video analytics

Bi-directional audio support

Lens distortion correction

Hallway view support

Vandal resistant

Night tracker


MJPEG Dual codec

Multiple streaming

Thermal solutions


A simple locked door restricting access to a business property may be enough to deter an intruder. However, locking doors throughout the day can be inconvenient, particularly when your staff is constantly in and out or you have visitors coming and going.

Equally so, for your own personal security, you may want to restrict access for your business premises, whether it’s an office, factory, warehouse, workshop, or nursing or residential home before you decide to answer or not.

That’s where an Access Control System from Stampede Security Inc. can help. We’ve installed restricted door access systems in all types of business properties and premises throughout Alberta. We provide a range of solutions from single audio/video systems to multiple user systems. We can provide standard keypad entry systems to remote access solutions, which give you access control without cabling.

Access Control Solutions from Stampede Security Inc include:

Door entry systems

Video door entry systems

Honeywell’s commitment to quality is reflected in its high standards. All Honeywell equipment adheres to ISO-9001 protocols. ISO is an internationally recognized standard that defines a quality assurance system.

Honeywell Home ProSeries from Resideo


Flexible and professionally installed security system that alerts residents to potential intruders and movement with 24/7 monitoring and video verification.
From floods and fire accidents to smoke and carbon monoxide hazards to even medical emergencies, the system alerts everyone in case they need to leave the premises quickly.
Using in-built Amazon Alexa and dedicated touchscreen panels, it regulates security settings, adjusts smart bulbs and raises the thermostats on a voice command or at the touch of a button.
mobile app of a security system
components of a security system


Excellent security guaranteed with smartphone alerts in the form of images and videos, immediate notifications for suspicious activities, indoor and outdoor sirens, and professional monitoring for calling first responders.
Maximum security ensured with fast-acting smoke and heat detectors, flood sensors alerting about potential water damage, carbon monoxide detectors with loud notifications, and medical & panic transmitters.
Smart home control with in-built Amazon Alexa, one single app for controlling all smart appliances, compatibility with a range of smart devices, and automatic unlock/disarm feature.

Wow, Look at the Add Ons!

Find smart and high-quality add-on devices to make your homes smarter and safer!