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Need a Home Security Alarm System?

The security of your loved ones is of paramount importance.

Check Out the Newest Services and Equipment Available in Calgary, AB

At Stampede Security Inc, we want to share with you the latest and the greatest equipment and services available. With more and more technological enhancements, security solutions are getting smarter, better and more secure than ever. Check out this page every now and then to find out what all have been improved, upgraded, or revolutionized since you last checked our What’s New page. Let us help you make sure that you are always leveraging the best of everything the world of security has to offer.

Honeywell Home ProSeries From Resideo

Honeywell Home ProSeries from Resideo comes with some of the most amazing security features. Our professionally installed security system provides 24/7 monitoring and video verification and alerts the residents to suspicious movement and potential intruders. Quick alerts are also triggered for flood and fire accidents, smoke and carbon hazard, as well as medical emergencies.

You also enjoy greater control over your security system through its built-in Amazon Alexa and dedicated touchscreen panels. You can tweak security settings to your preferences, adjust smart bulbs, and reset thermostat settings on voice command or at the touch of a button.

Advantages of the Honeywell Home ProSeries from Resideo

With the Honeywell Home ProSeries, you have the assurance of elevated security with prompt smartphone alerts in the form of images and video recordings. If your security system detects any suspicious activity, you will be notified immediately. Indoor and outdoor sirens will also go off in case of any attempt to break-in. 24/7 professional monitoring ensures that first responders are called immediately.

An additional layer of security is added with fast-acting smoke and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors setting off loud notifications, flood sensors alerting on potential water damage, as well as medical and panic transmitters. 


You also enjoy smart home control features that come with built-in Amazon Alexa. A single app allows you to control all smart appliances in your home and is compatible with a wide range of smart devices. The automatic unlock/disarm feature can be adjusted to begin and stop recording or activate/silent other security features as may be needed.

Smart Add-Ons Available

PROWLTOUCH ProSeries 7 inch Wireless Touchscreen

This 7 inch wireless touchscreen of PROWLTOUCH ProSeries is easy to use and elegantly designed to blend into any decor. Combined with a high resolution, multilingual display, the system caters to English, French and Spanish speakers alike. The system is voice capable with Amazon Alexa, 2-way voice, status annunciations and chimes. The sounder goes off in audible beeps signalling entry/exit delay, system status, and many other alarm situations.

ProSeries Wireless Indoor MotionViewer®

Expand your smart home security system with the wireless MotionViewer of ProSeries and always keep an eagle eye on your home and the safety of your family. Empowered with intelligent motion detection, it does away with false alarms by detecting and notifying you only of confirmed suspicious movements inside the monitored space. As a result, this addition ensures that the alarm gets a prompt and prioritized response from the first responders.

PROSIXPIR ProSeries Wireless Motion Detector

It is a suite of next-generation devices consisting of motion, smoke and glassbreak detectors, door/window sensors, a two-way wireless key and a siren. Designed for systems that support SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology, together they deliver faster installation, easier troubleshooting, remote diagnostics and increased RMR.

PROSIXCT ProSeries Door/Window Sensor

It is another incredible suite of smart devices including smoke, shock and CO detectors, door/window sensors, indoor/outdoor sirens, personal alert wearables, and many more. The system sensors can alert everyone in the home of any looming dangers, from fires to floods, carbon monoxide to smoke, and even potential personal hazards. In case the sensors detect a serious threat or an emergency button is pressed, the system sends off an alert immediately to your monitoring station for help.

PROSIXLCDKP ProSeries Display Wireless Keypad

Take control of your security, life safety and home automation system with a wireless display keypad. It offers single-button operation for arming stay and away. The keypad features a large, back-lit, Alpha display for the wall- or desk-mount operation. It allows you to set the security settings to your preferences, adjust lights, control your indoor temperature and do so much more.

PROSIXSIRENO ProSeries Two-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren

Discourage people with criminal intentions loitering outside your home with a Two-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren of PROSIXSIRENO ProSeries. This two-way sensor will warn you of looming danger well in time to act quickly for the safety of your home as well as prevent health risks and damages or losses that could potentially occur.

PROWLTOUCH ProSeries 7 inch Wireless Touchscreen
ProSeries Wireless Indoor MotionViewer®
PROSIXPIR ProSeries Wireless Motion Detector
PROSIXCT ProSeries Door/Window Sensor
PROSIXLCDKP ProSeries Display Wireless Keypad
PROSIXSIRENO ProSeries Two-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren

Why Choose Resideo ProSeries

world-class security

World-Class Security

Motion viewers and sensors, video verification, glassbreak detectors, and professional monitoring 24/7 provide ultimate 360-degree protection.

whole-home safety

Whole-Home Safety

Heat, smoke, flood, and carbon monoxide sensors detect potential dangers in your home, triggering audio and visual evacuation warnings.

smart home control

Smart Home Control

Turn on your lights, kick on the AC and play some more - all with one simple voice command as you walk through the door.

Get the Best From Resideo ProSeries

Ensure complete home safety, control, and automation with the Resideo ProSeries system.

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